An Abstract Submitted By Marben Tan, Jason Villarosa, and Isidro Victor Villarosa

The war on drugs has always been the top agenda of Duterte Administration. Evidently, drug-abuse problem has become a global pandemic. In this research paper, This study aims to show the negative effects of drug addiction; on how it affects and destroys the family of those affected; and its connection with the increase of crimes in the city of San Carlos.

The objective of this study is to show the positive effects of the Community-Based Drug Rehabilitation Program sanctioned and supported by the LGU and diocese of San Carlos City. In relation to our study the City has the KAABAG 12 Steps Program, a CBRP formed under the partnership of the LGU and Diocese of San Carlos City, a program patterned with the principles of the “Narcotics Anonymous 12 Steps Program”. The study provides evidence for the positive effects in the lives of the affected and their families, Under the KAABAG 12 Steps Program, through studying the results of those who undergone the intervention and those who did not with the program.

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