From the time of the outbreak of COVID – 19 in the Philippines, healthcare workers
particularly the nurses have been on the frontlines of the response. When the rising
cases ultimately revealed how flawed our healthcare system is, the same goes for the
working conditions and salaries of our nurses who are frontliners in this crisis. Truly,
being on the frontlines didn’t only expose them to higher risks but it has revealed how
underpaid Filipino nurses are and has spread awareness on the unsafe working
conditions they are engaged with. Throughout the years, Filipino nurses have been
fighting for salary increases and a better working environment but found no merit in
their requests, as the government has been reluctant to act upon this issue.

Our research paper will dive into the laws and provisions on labor practices and
whether or not our nurses are being compensated properly and given the proper
working environment with the aid of the interviewees from the legal profession to
provide legal advice. Likewise, the researchers shall conduct interviews with Filipino
nurses working abroad and in the Philippines to gather enough information to come up
with proper conclusions and solutions to address the main issues.
And finally, the researchers shall conduct an analysis of the data gathered by the group
and conclude a feasible hypothesis.
At the end of this study, the researchers aim to evaluate the enforcement of
occupational safety and health laws, regulations, and standards to promote safe and

healthful working conditions in the establishments and workplaces of our Philippine
nurses and to assess whether or not our nurses are being compensated properly and
given the proper working environment in accordance with the provisions of Labor
Code and mandates of the Department of Labor and Employment

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