By Eunice Ciocon, Mark Leonar and Micole Locsin (JD 1)

In Asia, Philippines is regarded one of the countries that gives high regard for women. Equal protection and opportunity is upheld by women advocates. There is no denial that part of this success, especially by working women allowed women to have jobs that can afford them a transport vehicle of their own and break away from the time when men used to drive and pick-up women to drive home or to whichever destination. Truly, the Philippines has come a long way from a conservative culture and norms that women were bound. Despite of this fact, women still experience road related harassment as regard to their manner of driving or just by the fact that a women driver is not a good driver.

The aim of this research is to determine the prevalence of woman who have experienced harassment in public roads. The researchers will conduct a digital survey among men and women drivers as to the frequency of harassment they have experienced as drivers and compare the data that will be obtained.

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