By April Therese Escarda and Dheenise Eiver Villaruz (JD1)

Personality is a concomitant factor in many kinds of behavior, one of which is associating with criminal demeanor. To fully ascertain what constitutes a criminal, we must first understand the personality of a person. Further, this research focuses on the lived experiences of psychologically-ill individuals who were victims of injustice. To specify their background, it will highlight those who have been indicted of crimes which correlates with their personality disorders. The participants of this research will be individuals who were accused of crimes but were rehabilitated from their diagnosed disorders; with the proper aid from psychiatrist/psychologist and anti-crime authorities. The aforementioned participants will range from 18 to 70 years of age and a resident of Negros Occidental. However, the focus of discussion will not be directly addressed to psychologically-ill individuals, as to which the responses may not be accurately flourished. Otherwise, the researchers will keep in touch with mental health experts and anti-crime authorities which handled the aforementioned topic while ensuring proper ethical considerations. In view of data gathering, researchers will use a semi-structured interview guide questionnaire which will serve as basis in jotting down the responses. Hence, the foregoing result of this topic is to properly assess the equality of laws among psychologically-ill individuals involving unlawfulness or criminal acts.

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