Abstract by Kim Arvin M. Billones, Glece Mae O.Metro, and Danica Louise C. Pao (JD 1 SY 2020-2021)

This study aims to review the pertinent laws regarding the implementation of the Katarungang Pambarangay or the Barangay Justice System which complements the courts in administering justice that is a compulsory process before a case is elevated to a court. The study will be conducted in the biggest Barangay in Bacolod City, which is Barangay Mansilingan.

The objectives of this study therefore, is to assess the compliance and challenges of Stakeholders in the implementation of the laws and their recommendations to further which will also be vital to future researchers, the Barangays, and the community. Key informants (KI) will be interviewed by the researchers for this study: the Barangay Captain of the aforementioned Barangay and a practicing public lawyer.

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