Abstract By Ana Katrina Bianca W. Remoto & Garcela A. Villalobos (JD 1 SY 2020-2021)

Harassment comes in different forms. They happen every day, anywhere, anytime
and to anyone. We hear and see harassment in the streets, in public places, on campuses, in workplaces and sometimes in the most unexpected spaces. Harassment is widespread, and subordinated groups such as LGBTQ+ community, persons with disabilities, and women are oftentimes the victims.

Gender-based sexual harassment is considered discrimination and a violation of
human rights. Gender-based sexual harassment as a form of sex discrimination does not involve explicit sexual behavior, but includes epithets, slurs, and negative stereotyping of men and women directed at female or male students, employees or others. Harvard University also gave its own definition of gender-based harassment as a verbal, nonverbal, graphic, or physical aggression, intimidation, or hostile conduct based on sex, sex stereotyping, sexual orientation or gender identity, but not involving conduct or sexual nature.

This study seeks to identify the negative impact of gender-based sexual harassment
on a survivors’ life. It also aims to determine the barriers that hinder victims from reporting incidents involving sexual harassment. Moreover, this study intends to provide a comprehensive guide that will help direct injured parties to obtain proper legal remedies should they be subjected to Gender-Based Sexual Harassment (1) in streets and public places, (2) through online and Social Media platforms, (3) at the workplace, and (4) in educational and training institutions as contemplated in R.A. No. 11313 otherwise known as the Safe Spaces Act . This study also intends to come up with measures and actions in order to make Negros Occidental free from Gender-Based Sexual Harassment and a safe space for everyone – especially those from the LGBTQ+ community, persons with disabilities, and women.

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