Abstract by Resa Jane B. Solidarios and Ely Nino M. Azuelo (JD1 SY 2020-2021)

The process of Business Permits in every Local Government Unit has always been a handful since there are requirements needed to comply upon renewal or application. The whole process is already tiring not to mention the assessment of fees needed to be paid. With the advancement of technology leading us to a convenient and hassle-free transactions, it is inevitable that conforming with the latest development like Mobile Application and Database Management System this will serve as a relief for visiting numerous offices to process and pay requirements, travel expenses and endless queue under the heat of the sun. Through this advancement, the business owners will be able to view the assessments from different government sectors in preparation for the processing and payments of such documents needed for the Business Permits. This will help lessen the burden of business owners in a way of not being obliged to visit the various offices any longer but being able to view such requirements in a few clicks. Moreover, on the part of the Local Government Unit, the Mobile Application will mitigate the redundancy of being questioned regarding the assessment for the processing of such documents. As this shift of the Local Government Unit makes beneficial to the business owners and Local Government Unit, its sustainability is being held as the most vital of its implementation.

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