Submitted By:

Gian Von J. Caberte

Mari Cielli C. Majaducon

Maria Leonila A. Nuñez

Integral to the survival of the Philippines, suffrage as a process lays down the cornerstones on which future generations build upon and thrive within. In the wake of a General Election, the Philippines sees changes; some for the better, some for the worse. Beyond the process however, the right to suffrage is a means to survival. It substantially affects future generations as it determines the way of life as a whole. Critical to choosing the correct and proper candidates is ascertaining whose platforms and stands on current issues is most appropriate. Studying the set of rules that dictate life within the country, Law Students are given the unique opportunity to further delve into the inner workings of the Constitution which governs the rules and laws of land, guided by law professionals who have made their names and ply their trade on the subject of law. In the process of learning, Law Students, by a swap of lenses from that of a layman to that of a law professional, encounter changes to their views, choices, leanings, as well as their criteria in choosing who to vote for. This in turn, affects the exercise of the right to suffrage of the students as well as those closest to them.

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